aerial shot of Blackberry Meadow, KIngston Seymour North Somerset

Blackberry Meadow is a perfect location for those looking for a wilder camping experience. Surrounded by thick hedges on all sides it offers a quiet refuge away from the bustle of the city.


The meadow is a great place to watch the ever changing sky with the prevailing weather approaching from the nearby Bristol Channel coast. A cloud watchers paradise ! The newly dug pond is beginning to attract bird life; Egrets, Herons as well as  more common ducks can be seen in the morning and evening.


Facilities at Blackberry Meadow include a compost toilet, barbecue and a fire pit.
For private parties and functions the on-site catering bus can be booked to provide breakfasts.


Blackberry Meadow is a member of Nearly Wild Camping and is listed as a ‘land learner’ with the The Permaculture Association.

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